4 Times When You Should Consult a Lawyer

Sometimes, it’s painfully obvious that it’s time to bring in a legal professional to help you deal with a situation. Other times, you can be left wondering if the situation has escalated enough to justify the added expense. It’s preferable to save money, but not to the extent that you end up risking your business or your personal freedom.
1. Home Renovations
Business relationships can sour quickly and create an unsavory situation. Such may be the case between yourself and a contractor you hired to remodel your home. If you’ve made repeated attempts to communicate with your contractor to no avail, calling an attorney should be your next move. A legal professional can make you aware of your options and can sometimes help you mend a situation, before it escalates into a courtroom battle.
2. Divorce or Legal Separation
Most people wait until the last minute, but this is one of those situations in which you should call an attorney early. Legal experts advise consulting an attorney the moment that first thought of ending the marriage occurs to you. Providing advance notice can help an attorney to better help you prepare for the ensuing legal drama of a divorce or separation.
3. You’re a Business Owner Facing Environmental Issues
The term “environmental issues” covers a wide topic and most business owners face these concerns regardless of their particular product or service. From ensuring cleaning supplies and other chemicals are properly treated, stored, and disposed to controlling waste emissions, the law regulates most environmental concerns. As such, it may be prudent to retain an attorney knowledgeable about the various environmental and safety laws affecting your business.
4. Launching Your Business
Even where you may have the physical concerns of your business worked out, you might still benefit from a lawyer’s perspective. An experienced corporate law attorney can help you structure your business and help you establish the best option for your company. Will it be a corporation? A partnership? A non-profit organization? Each of these has different obligations under the law and each one is affected differently by tax laws. Only an experienced attorney can help you establish your own best course of action.
Of course, there are many other situations in which it would be in your best interests to consult an attorney. Generally speaking, if you think you should talk to a lawyer, it probably is time to do so. In many situations, a lawyer will offer a free or discounted initial consultation, making it that much easier to make the decision. At least a first-time consultation will help you determine what the attorney can do for you. It’s better to consult a lawyer and not need one than to go it alone and regret it later.

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