4 Ways to Ensure Your Sidewalk is Accessible

While there are several statues, codes and other guidelines regarding sidewalk accessibility, there are plenty of landscaping projects and alterations that will allow home and property owners to make the most of their outdoor environment. Simply planting the right foliage and ensuring that drainage does not become an issue can go a long way towards ensuring sidewalks are able to remain more accessible throughout the year. Addressing the following four concerns can ensure that property owners are able to maintain a more accessible and attractive exterior landscape.

1. Basic Landscape Maintenance 

Keeping sidewalks clear of brush and other debris and trimming lawns and tree branches before they become overgrown is one of the most basic and effective ways to improve sidewalk accessibility. Weeds, low hanging branches and even piles of leaves can all make sidewalks and other hardscaped areas and installations more difficult to navigate. Proper landscaping maintenance and routine care can often make quite an impact.

2. Selecting the Right Shrubs, Trees, and Plants

Planting shrubs and bushes that are less likely to crowd a sidewalk or planting sturdy trees that will be better able to withstand the elements is another helpful way to ensure sidewalks stay accessible. Selecting evergreen trees that serve to minimize fall cleanup or choosing bushes and shrubs that are more easily trimmed can help to ensure lawn care may be accomplished with far greater ease.

3. Proper Drainage Makes a Difference

Pooling water and runoff that may drain through walkways, sidewalks and paths can create no end of problems. Proper drainage may be especially important during the winter when standing water and even trace amounts of moisture may turn to ice which can make any sidewalk slippery and treacherous. Knowing where to place irrigation systems or how to properly grade and slope landscaped areas can be of the utmost importance.

4. Landscaping Projects, Upgrades and Renovations

There are no shortage of landscaping designs and renovation projects which may help to keep sidewalks neat, clean and free of potential obstacles. Replacing overgrown areas with a small garden may help to eliminate unwanted debris and the installation of landscaping borders often helps to minimize issues caused by poor drainage or soil erosion.

Seeking Help From a Landscaping Professional 

From finding the best landscaping ideas to ensuring installation efforts are met with greater success, professional help can often be a crucial asset. Home and property owners who find themselves having to constantly sweep and maintain sidewalks may do well to explore their options. Learning more about any landscaping projects that may help to optimize accessibility is often the first step towards the creation of a more attractive and accessible exterior environment.

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