5 Items to Put Your Pets Picture On

When you are a pet owner, you want to be proud. Once you capture a great picture of your dog, cat, or other pet, there are various products that you can place it on. Whether you use the items as home decor or as a way to show off your pet to the world, it’s important to know your options.

Your coffee mug can contain a photo of your pet. You might even be able to customize it with their name or a collage of several photos. Whether it’s your every day ceramic coffee mug or a travel mug that you bring into the office, you can be sure to show off your four-legged companion. Plus, with so many pets becoming celebrities in their own right, it can be a great conversation starter for you.

A throw for your couch or bed might contain a photo of your pet. Various throws are available, allowing you to choose the size and material. If you can’t select just one photo, you might also want to consider placing several photos of your pad on it. It’s a great way to snuggle up and watch a movie, and your actual pet might be right at your side.

Wherever you go, you can have your pet with you. A sweatshirt is perfect for the winter months, plus you can put a festive photo of your pet front and center. This way, everywhere you go, you can show off what your pad looks like to people you meet.

Phone Case
Every time you text, browse the Internet, or answer a call, you can remember the good times you have with your pet. You might want a solo photo or one where the two of you are together. Either way, you can have your patch photo printed directly onto your phone case.

You can ring in the holidays in a fun way bye placing your pet photo into a holiday ornament. You might even want to start a tradition where you get a new ornament for each year. You can have the date and printed with the photo so that you can highlight the years you spend with your pet.

With so many options to showcase your pet, you can have fun with it all. The hardest part may be capturing a picture of your pet that is photo-worthy.

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