5 Routine Habits Upset by Urinary Incontinence

If it happens to you, it’s inconvenient at best and a complete embarrassment at worst. But you’re not alone. Between 3% and 17% of people suffer from urinary incontinence. You may feel surprised or anxious about urinary incontinence. Here are 5 routine habits upset by urinary incontinence:

1. Exercise

While those who exercise frequently are said to have lower odds of urinary incontinence, some exercises can cause accidents to occur. Jumping jacks, for example, can prompt bladder leakage. However, there are specific exercises, like Kegels, that you can do to improve your condition. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your doctor or consult a physical therapist for help.

2. Vacations and trips

Long rides in the car or on a bus can spell trouble. It’s hard to hold it in, but the bumps in the road and time away from the nearest restroom can make for an uncomfortable trip. You can prepare ahead by planning a route with frequent stops, or using a product to prevent leaks if you’ll be away from a bathroom for an extended period of time.

3. Going to the movies

It’s no fun to miss out on the movie for frequent bathroom trips. And laughter can cause your bladder to leak. Although today’s technology makes it easy to watch movies from the comfort of your home, missing out on going to the movies can be a bummer.

4. Attending events

Aside from movies, there are things like dinner parties, sports games, concerts, museums and other events that can feel challenging to attend with urinary incontinence. In these cases, it’s best to plan ahead and consider your comfort. If you’re invited to a party but feel you may be uncomfortable, try to schedule a time where you can drop in and leave before you feel the urge to go.

5. Getting ready for bed

When you’re winding down for the night, any little movement seems to trigger the need to go. While you can limit beverages in the hours before bedtime and empty your bladder before laying down, you still may feel discomfort. Your doctor may be able to prescribe a treatment or prescription to help you get some rest without worrying about incontinence.

The good news is although you may be uncomfortable, others rarely realize you have urinary incontinence. Take precautions for long, public events. But rest assured, no one is counting how many times you use the restroom.

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