Enhancing Your Social Media Content: Ideas for Striving Businesses

Working with social media to attract a new audience and increase sales is a good way to boost up your business. Unfortunately, many business owners relax when they see that people are interested in their product and then ditch their responsibilities and ignore further social media advertising strategies.

One of those things you have to constantly work on is your content. Bright, engaging and interesting content always receives appreciation and its share of popularity. There are a few ways to make it more interesting, but the most important thing is to diversify it. You can do this by adding different types of content.

Types of Content You Can Try out at Your Social Media Platform

  1. Feedback.
    Customer feedback is that tricky form of advertising, when you’re still doing yourself a service, and yet sharing the impressions and emotions of your readers and clients. This is a taboo to do it frequently (if you want to understand why, find some online stores where there are more feedback posts than products, annoying), but okay to use this strategy once a while.
  2. User-generated content/photo contests.
    This is great for local businesses or if you have some regular readers. Engage them, ask them to start a challenge, like take a photo with their pets or family. You can give a discount for that or simply write something motivational and inspiring. People love challenges.
  3. Advertise your product.
    This is considered to be a big no-no in the world of advertising, but let’s face it, when you’re a business, your whole social media presence is advertising. Never make it the major part of your content, but you can publish a product promo or a tutorial for a specific product.
  4. A video.
    Small businesses rarely use this option, though it’s not that hard. Even a local high schooler could montage a video for you and add different effects. It’s a must-try thing.
  5. Contests
    If your business is somehow connected to editing/publishing, you could start a writing contest. There is no need to work with larger works (like short stories), you can challenge your readers to create a header for a project you’ll publish.
  6. Polls and quizzes.
    It’s not clear why people love pressing buttons, but they do enjoy this. Maybe if voting included pressing a big button for or against a candidate, more people would do it too! So try it out, it’s not that hard to create a poll for a Facebook or try a quiz.
  7. Employee information.
    It has nothing to do with publishing their personal information onto your businesses’ page. Rather, if you know that someone from your company is celebrating a birthday, create a post in their honor. Simple, caring, effective.
  8. Pets, more pets.
    If you actually have employees, consider doing an animal challenge or something like that. Let them share a pic or two of their pets and write something lovely. People adore animals and it’s a way to humanize your business. It works really well with smaller cities, as it shows who you are as a business owner and attracts people.
  9. Inspirational materials.
    Who doesn’t love a beautiful picture of fog and lovely knitted socks with next to a cup of hot cocoa in their feed? And if you add a quote, something relaxing or inspiring to it, it will work even better.
  10. Engage in storytelling.
    Tell a story. Don’t fabricate, rather turn daily living into something special, include your thoughts or worries. Show your customers that you’re a real person.

As you see, there are many things you could try. If you spend a minute or two brainstorming, you’ll see that there are plenty of other types of content to share on social media. All of those would work for small businesses, as they are engaging, personal and add something warm and caring to you and your company. Remember that you shouldn’t force things, try one at a time, then try something else. Look how people and your employees reply and everything will work out.