Five Digital Marketing Tips to Grow Your Home Care Agency

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It’s been true in the past and it still rings true today – the majority of people over 50 years old want to stay in their current home and community. According to statistics from AARP, 77% of adults surveyed say they want to remain in their community and 76% state they want to stay in their current residence.

This only means that the demand for home healthcare will continue to rise, along with the need for home healthcare agencies.

However, as demand for home care services rises, more agencies will also enter the field. To stand out as a qualified provider of home healthcare, you need a unique digital marketing strategy that fosters trust and establishes your authority in the industry.

Here’s a list of tried and tested digital marketing tips for home healthcare agencies.

Create an Attractive Website

Do you have a website for your business yet? If your answer is no, it’s high time you build one.

A website is crucial because it’s the face of your home care business. Think of it as a 24/7 service desk where prospects and customers have an instant overview of the solutions you offer. It’s where they gain information about your business and your services. In that light, your website is a significant sales and marketing channel.

Of course, it doesn’t stop at just creating a website. Your site needs to nail the four elements of web design. Once you’ve got those down, you can move on to the next tip.

Power Up with Local SEO

After you build your website, now you have to make it discoverable online to your target audience. You can achieve this with search engine optimization, otherwise known as SEO.

SEO will help your home care business rank on the first page of search engines when people search for your services. For instance, if someone searches “palliative care near me,” SEO will help you appear as the top result through tactics such as keyword research, content creation, link building, and more.

If you only want to target clients in your specific geographic area, Care Marketing, a trusted home health care agency, recommends using local SEO strategies. Local SEO will put you right in front of prospects in the surrounding area – prospects who are more likely to convert into customers.

Educate and Engage Through your Blog

Blogging is an effective digital marketing tip as it helps you gain attention for your home care business. This is because blogging helps boost your website’s SEO quality. It positions your site as a relevant source of information to your customers’ questions. Blog posts that utilize on-page SEO tactics (such as keyword-optimized content) will give you more opportunities to rank in search engines and get qualified traffic.

Your blog can cover a wide range of topics that talk about the health care sector. Ideas include the benefits of the services you offer, patient case studies, industry challenges, stories and testimonials, and patient resources. You can also write about health care trends and medical breakthroughs.

Get Social

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram play a big part in the lives of people today. If you want to truly stand out from your competitors, then you need to master social media marketing.

Platforms like Facebook are a great way to engage your community with photos, updates about your agency, inspiring stories from patients, and employee videos. You get to show the human side of your business, helping people relate to you on a personal level. On the other hand, having a page on LinkedIn shows that your agency is a professional and established presence in the industry. It’s a great network for you to share events, thought leadership articles, and industry news.

Don’t Forget Email Marketing

When you run a home healthcare agency, constant communication is key to building lifelong relationships with your patients and their families. Email marketing helps you open up important conversations, share interesting updates about your business or industry, or generally keep your agency top of mind. Personalized, well-written messages sent regularly to subscribers will inspire them to engage in return – either by visiting your website to learn more about you or by reaching out via your contact form.

In fact, email marketing can quickly become one of the most powerful tools in your digital marketing arsenal. Based on industry data, the healthcare sector’s average open rate for emails is 23.46%, with a 3.62% click-through rate. It’s one of the highest rates among all industries.

By starting a dialogue with email, you can promote your services, keep in touch with both clients and prospects, and build long-term trust.

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Why Invest in Digital Marketing for Your Home Care Agency?

For the longest time, the home care sector has relied on agency reputation, referral partners, and great sales rep. However, in today’s fast-paced and technology-driven world, you can’t ignore the power of online search. Look at it from this perspective: when a family member receives a referral from an agency or a personal recommendation, their next step is to go online and search for that agency. This is because they want to learn more about the services, check out the quality of caregivers through ratings and reviews, or maybe they just want to know your contact number. Whatever the reason, they search online before calling your agency.

If you’re not on Google or Facebook, it’s like you don’t exist. Online search is now the main gateway for offline referrals in the home healthcare industry. By being on the first page of Google, having a Facebook page, or sending regular emails – you help enhance your agency’s presence and find new clients faster.

Digital marketing doesn’t necessarily replace your in-person sales efforts, it just supplements them. When you have two powerful strategies working hand in hand, you can expect to convert more leads and referrals, and ultimately increase ROI.

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