Laws of Social Media You Have to Obey to Build a Marketing Strategy

Before you decide to jump into the world of social media marketing, you have to learn how things work to earn as many “entry points” as you can. The very start of your social media presence is important, as if you fail at once, it would be harder to climb back up. There are crucial laws of online social media marketing that you have to obey in order to succeed.

    • Communication is gold.
      Creating engaging content, communicating with your audience, watching their interests is crucial for any business to succeed. With a social media page, it’s easier than ever.
    • You don’t have to be a $100 bill.
      Remember that you can’t be everywhere at once and satisfy all of your clients/readers. Again, you’re not a dollar to be liked by everyone and this desire kills more businesses than one could imagine. The only right strategy is to choose your niche and work with precise, high-quality content.
    • Wait.
      You will not get a million of new users in a night. Even if you just published a nice post. Even if you recorded a good video and spread the post on Instagram. You have to be patient, and then you will see true growth.
    • Choose quality over quantity.
      It’s better to write one quality post and have 50 consistent readers that gain a bigger audience, make your page look trashy with spam and cheap content. The latter path leads nowhere.
    • A strong network of connections always works.
      If you engage with other people, discuss your products, stay open to suggestions, you will build a strong network of those people interested in you and your services. Those people can help by spreading your content, sharing your posts, liking you and attracting other people.
  • The same works with businesses.
    While it may seem that everyone is a competitor and everyone is a hidden enemy, cooperating with others works 90% of times. People usually don’t ignore others (neither in real life nor online), so try to build a network with friendly business owners and then organize something together.
  • Never disappear.
    If you’re there just to publish and then go, it’s not going to work. Working with social media requires rebounding, so be there for your readers, don’t wait to be the one answering, reach out to them first. It’s never going to hurt you.

It’s not that hard to lead a successful marketing strategy, especially if you’re truly interested in making it work for you. Think about it: when you care, you will do quality content and will be interested in your readers’ vision of your business. Those laws come naturally to those, who are willing to invest their time and effort into social media marketing.

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About the Author: Ernesto