How to Pack Like a Minimalist for Moving

One of the most stressful and exhausting aspects associated with a relocation relates to the physical aspect of packing, transporting your items and unpacking. You can directly reduce this burden when you downsize your belongings and adopt a minimalist attitude toward your possessions before packing. It can be challenging to know how to accomplish this or to decide what to bring with you. Focus your attention on these points to make smart packing decisions.

Understand the Space Available in Your New Home
Each home that you live in may have a different layout and varying space available for your belongings. This can be impacted by the size of your closets, the number of rooms and even the layout of the home in general. Before packing, think about where each of your larger items, such as furniture and even home décor, may be placed. This can help you to determine the larger items that you will not have space for. In addition, think about how you will store the items currently being stored in your home. Are the closets large enough to store all of your items, or do you need to scale back? If not, you can determine how much stuff you need to get rid of in some fashion before you relocate.

Know What You Are Not Allowed to Bring
If you are crossing state or national borders, there may be laws about what you are legally permitted to bring into the new area. For example, many states do not permit house plants or exotic animals from being transported into the area when you are relocating. These are only a few of many common rules. Research the laws in your new state or country so that you do not pack things that you are not legally allowed to take with you.

Thoroughly Spring Clean Before Packing
It is also wise to spring clean each area of your current home before packing. Over the years, you may have accumulated a ton of junk or unnecessary items in your closets, drawers, cabinets and other features. Walk through each room, opening every drawer, closet and more. Make piles of items you need to toss, donate to charity or sell for a profit. At the end of this process, your belongings may be scaled back to the essentials. Even if you will have storage space for these items in your new home, there is no reason to transport items that you no longer need. This effort will make lighter work of your relocation efforts.

Relocating into a new home is a major undertaking, but you do not need to make it more complicated or frustrating than necessary. By walking through these steps as you prepare for your relocation, you can make your relocation faster and easier to complete.

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