Top Start-Ups That Came From Social Media Platforms

Social media marketing is the best niche for small businesses and startups. While it’s possible for stable businesses and corporations to pay thousands for advertising, the majority of starting companies simply can’t afford that. Social media is that chance to get full coverage, attract customers and leads and spend nothing (or almost nothing).

It might seem that only a few lucky companies are enjoying full benefits of social media campaigns, but in reality, there are many of those.

  • Squatty Potty.
    This simple, but really useful tool for changing toilet sitting posture literally won social media attention recently. It used bright videos, informative, interesting ads and visions to get the clients and it did it.
  • GoPro.
    GoPro is a big company now, but it’s their social media strategy which made them that way. The content they produced (using their own product) was too good, so it quickly got attention from people.
  • Operator.
    While the app is quite social itself, the company built their strategy correctly. They publish new and valuable information for their readers really often, engage in conversations with their audience and stay open to suggestions.
  • Periscope.
    The history of Periscope is different, but it is here only because of Twitter. The Meerkat company that came up with the idea of streaming through Twitter, when Twitter bought Periscope and used the idea, cutting Meerkat out of the audience. Periscope then was widely advertised and got really popular with Twitter.
  • Social Flow.
    Kind of ironic here, but this company that teaches businesses to use social media correctly can boast about its own strategy too. The company quickly gained an audience and attracted clients.
  • Magic Leap.
    One of the most interesting examples is this company. The key is their secrecy. As it’s working with future technologies, it really keeps everything in secret but maintains enough public interest to thrive. It works with longer posts and engages in conversations, making their readers think deeper.

You can see that there are many brands that manage to work with a large social media audience and get their clients from those platforms. Those are different companies, in different niches, but they all have something in common.

  • Engaging content.
    Talk to your audience if you can. It’s the endless conversation, communication, questions and answers that keep your audience with you. Sometimes it’s just as important as your product.
  • Showing off.
    Look at GoPro, they used their own product to present their content. It’s bright and it’s new, but it makes people interested in your product.

It’s possible to get many things from social media platforms. Now, the majority of those would allow you to work directly with your audience or those people you expect to be interested in your services.

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